Security ISO 27001

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS)

securityAs we continue to develop our information technology systems to improve our business performance the protection of the information held and processed becomes more and more important. If this became unavailable or corrupted it could have a major impact on the organisation in terms of performance and legal compliance. The organisations’ ability to survive could be questionable. If the confidentiality of the information was compromised this could present similar problems.

The Information Security Management Standard was introduced to help organisations protect important business assets from a wide range of threats to minimise loss and ensure business continuity. An organisation that implements this system and goes all the way to third party assessment confirms its commitment to information security and to customers and perspective customers.
Recent companies who we have assisted to achieve ISO 27001 include:

Onyx Group – who provide a range of services including secure hosting facility and business continuity centres and Principles Agency who are a leading agency in creative design, digital media and strategy.